STITH. Strong; sturdy; a synonym for the anvil. The weight of the word resonates with the strengths of the brand. In the 1300s, a stithy was a man who created weapons, armor and horseshoes on an anvil. The stithy also invented the pincer, the forge hammer and even the crow bar. He was an inventor and a creator. This is the man our brand represents. He is strong, solid and invaluable to the creation of the tools we use today. The tools may have changed but the persona behind them remains the same.

Stith Mens Socks and Anvil

Stith brings quality, comfort and creativity to a new generation. The consumer will trust that Stith is reliable in producing on trend high quality goods designed for longevity. Stith’s hosiery collection is on par with what is trending. With the continuing rise of casual workwear and expressive socks, Stith’s hosiery collection demonstrates a wide variety of styles suited for every man’s personality.